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At Lyfta, we believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change.

We commission and distribute short observational character-based documentaries about people across the world finding hope in the everyday and working towards better futures. We believe these stories are capable of creating a lasting impact in children’s lives, education systems and societies around the world.

We are living at a crucial point in time. All of us, to varying degrees of effect, live with very real threats to our social systems, our environment and sense of who we are. Children are not exempt from this and the fast-paced media through which they consume these crises does not always help.

Take a look at the videos below to hear what students think about Lyfta.

At Lyfta, we believe that documentaries can help children make sense of an increasingly complex world and find their place within it.

Lyfta uses documentary films to communicate global issues to children and young people in accessible ways; by showing honest and authentic representations of people and cultures, and by encouraging them to be critical of the media they consume.


Lyfta’s aim is to embed film and storytelling into the school curriculum, championing creative, decolonial and accessible education for all.

In pursuit of this goal, we work with filmmakers across the world to produce documentaries, and at the same time, support local economies, upskilling the filmmakers we work with in different types of content creation. 


Working with Lyfta gives filmmakers the opportunity to bring their films to new audiences so that their work impacts the way children and young people see and engage with the world around them. Lyfta films give young people the opportunity to travel beyond their immediate contexts, offering insights into different places and cultures. We believe that enabling children to connect with people’s stories from around the world, and educating them on their surrounding contexts, facilitates empathy, open perspectives and meaningful action.